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AWP AMA with Chris Lema, VP of Product and Innovation at Liquid Web

AWP Interview Series with Chris Lema on Monday, October 1 at 11am Pacific time. Live only in the AWP Facebook Group.

The WordPress news cycle this whole calendar year has been dominated by Gutenberg — with the exception of one thing: LiquidWeb’s Managed WooCommerce offering. This is a unique offering in the managed WordPress hosting space. Is hosted niche-plugins part of the future for Managed WordPress hosts? How does what Liquid Web offers differ from just installing WooCommerce on your own?

We’ll ask these questions in a short interview and live AMA with Liquid Web’s VP of Product and Innovation and AWP Admin Chris Lema.

The Details

Chris Lema — VP of Product and Innovation at LiquidWeb

Monday, October 1 at 11:00 am Pacific Time

  • Short Introduction
  • Interview led by Matt Cromwell
  • Open AMA for all AWP members

Join Today

The Advanced WP Facebook Group is a closed group; meaning you have to request membership. If you’d like to attend the live AMA; request to join today. Once you’ve requested to join the Facebook group, you will be presented with three questions — answer them with clarity and you’ll be accepted.

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The AWP Gutenberg Interview Series

This AMA is the second installment of our AWP AMA Series. Earlier this year we hosted a 4-part interview all about Gutenberg. Check out that series and each of the live interviews.

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