About AWP

The Advanced WordPress (AWP) Facebook Group is a global community of passionate WordPress developers and advanced users who seek to share and advance their knowledge and understanding of the WordPress open source platform.

Because AWP members come from all varieties of political, religious, ethnic, gender, and experiential backgrounds respectful communication is of the highest importance. Being positive, encouraging, and constructive at all times is valued; while the opposite is moderated (by the admins) heavily.

The Facebook group is a place where we share the great and impressive things we are building, doing, and learning as WordPress professionals. In order to advance our knowledge we ask really good and well-researched questions. Sometimes those are some of the most constructive posts in our group.

Members of this group can expect lively discussions around many advanced WordPress-related topics, general WordPress news, occasional job postings, occasional requests for technical help, and a lot of generous WordPress community spirit.

Lastly, please be sure to review our “About” section where the group rules are listed.

Here are some additional resources as well:

AWP Admins:
In case you need to reach out to us, this is the always current list

AWP Code of Conduct
Behaviors we expect from all members of the community, and moderate heavily when in violation.

Other FB Groups
Other helpful WordPress groups on Facebook for less-than-advanced questions.

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